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Opening recently in October 2023, we are a proudly locally owned and operate swimming pool and spa supplies business located in Southern Adelaide. Our aim is to become the central hub for local pool owners, both in Southern Metro Adelaide and the greater Fleuireu Peninsula.

With more than 15 years industry experience, Managing Director Aaron Hollitt expanded the business platform from a wholesale water treatment supply company to what you see today with SA Pool Shop and Chemical Supplies. With the wholesale business as its backbone, it now expands its offering as a prominent independent Swimming Pool & Spa Retail destination. With a core focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience through innovation, knowledge and solution based outcomes.

We stock many of the industry’s leading brands, including Pool Magic, Klorman Watertech, Astral, Pool Controls,  LoChlor Chemicals, Maytronics, Robo-tek, Onga, Venture Chemicals and Klorman Watertech Industrial. With access to the vast array or spare parts and replacements, we are 100% confident we can help you with any pool/spa or water treatment related query you may have.

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