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Mineral pools are all the rage at the moment, with the terminology of a “salt pool” fading into the pool vocabulary sunset.  But did you know what the actual science is with a mineral pool – and is it all that different to salt?

Many mineral pool products are simply a blend of magnesium chloride and/or potassium chloride and sodium chloride (pool salt) – all belonging to the salt ‘Family’. The sodium chloride component is the most effective in relation to electrolysis and the production of chlorine through the chlorinator cell. The mineral component (Magnesium) provides the feel-good element which is what the mineral pool revolution as been promoted and marketed around.

What is the best salt and mineral combination (in our opinion)? The answer – start with a high quality, pure salt such as Broxo 6-15. Broxo 6-15 is produced from a salt brine that is free from impurities. The liquid is vacuum extracted leaving behind an unbelievably pure salt. This level of purity protects the pool and its equipment and thus providing a level of longevity of components not seen with your garden variety pool salts.Magnesium has been proven to provide many health benefits to people such as relaxing your muscles and mind. Magnesium also provides a softening affect to the water and reduces the harsh post-swim dryness associated with chlorine in the water.

The combination of both Broxo 6-15 and Pool Magic Wellness Minerals, both available for purchase at SA Pool Shop and Chemical Supplies, is a fantastic way to protect your pool equipment from excess wear. It will maximise electrolysis (chlorine production) and create a soft, serene swimming environment for all swimmers in your pool.