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Iluka is an aboriginal word meaning “near the sea” and the feeling of being in a sea-like environment is exactly the one we all look to experience when relaxing in our spas or hot tubs.  Research has shown that being near the ocean can make you both calmer and more creative. Looking out over the water gives your brain and senses a moment to pause form the stresses and overstimulation of everyday life, puts you into a mindful state, and can trigger thoughts and ideas that have eluded you whilst sitting in front of screen.

As well as offering you the pure enjoyment of relaxing in your spa or hot tub, the Iluka range of spa chemicals is designed to offer you the additional benefits of a rewarding healthy and therapeutic experience through the following avenues. It contains a combination of proven health promoting minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium and Ocean Trace Elements all created by our Mother Nature. These 3 natural mineral ingredients, together with a product called chitosan – which is derived from crushed crab, prawn and lobster shells – are the ideal supplements to add to your water to turn an enjoyable soak into a healthier sensation.

When using the Iluka range of spa chemicals, you will be gifted with a luxurious bathing experience that will not only soothe but also nourish your skin and hair. The products will also relive both aches and pains in your body, as well as being beneficial for cramps, the nervous system and blood pressure.

Iluka spa chemicals are available in store.