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Leading pool robotics company Maytronics recently released their long anticipated cordless model, the Liberty 400.

Aside from being a fully cordless model, the Liberty 400 packs some impressive and innovative features. As easy to use filter basket complete with spring loaded handle and interchangeable filter pads is featured, as well as the rubber scrubbing brush seen across the S200 and S400 models. The unit has magnetic connect inductive charging making it unbelievably easy to charge. It connects with the MyDolphin app which allows you to set your own customised cleaning programs and adjustments.

One of the more innovative design features is Eco Mode. Eco Mode allows the cleaner to run 3×30 minute cycles throughout the week, enough to keep on top of most debris in the pool while maximising battery efficiency. This is a great feature for the busy pool owner and excellent for the winter months when the pool maintenance is kept to a minimum .

Click-UpTM is a feature that allows you to call the Dolphin back to the surface from the depths of your pool. The easiest way to describe the Click-UpTM device is a like a small rattle, similar in shape to a hammer, that when shaken underwater, activates the Dolphin and calls it to wherever you are shaking the “rattle”. The unit will then climb the wall of your pool and display its handle, enabling you to grab hold and pull it out of the water for charging and emptying. In our opinion – this is one of the coolest features we’ve seen on a robotic pool cleaner.

The Liberty 400 is available now in store.